A retail podcast for retail enthusiasts 

The Retail Podcast with Arizona Moore is all about retail and nothing (well mostly) about retail.  We take a good look at companies, malls, shopping habits, and other factors affecting the retail landscape today.

Who is Arizona Moore

Personal Retail Expirence

I grew up traveling with my parents, driving every old alignment of Route 66 we could in Arizona and California.  On these travels some abandoned places were explored.  My Dad was Ubexing before it was cool.  This started a passion for travel, history, and exploration that has stayed with me to this day.

I also like most kids in the late 80’s through the 90’s spent a lot of time at the mall.  I had two childhood malls.  Metrocenter mall in Phoenix, Arizona and Valley West Mall (Manistee Town Center) in Glendale, Arizona.  Both malls opened in 1973 but after Westridge Mall in 1981 (Desert Sky Mall), Arrowhead Town Center in 1993, and Arizona Mills in 1997 opened the little Valley West Mall could not make it.  It closed by 2002 after years of closed stores.  My mom would still go there on occasion to.  I was hanging out in a dead mall and did not even know that it would not be my last.  Metrocenter Mall is now a dying mall as well as the community around it has changed a lot in the past 30+ years.

I have seen lots of stores close, not all of them recent and I feel there is more to the story about the struggling retail landscape today than what most people think.

Professional Retail Expirence

There are two things I have done a lot of professionally, worked retail and been a computer technician.  Often doing both at the same time.  I have been a computer technician since 2003 professionally, and had been playing with computers since about 1995.

I have worked for Best Buy and Staples, and will always have memories of those stores no matter what happens.  I also spent some time merchandising  for Blue Bell Ice Cream working in and out of various grocery stores as well as Wal-Mart and Target.

Technically my job today is still in the retail segment.  I support a network of people that support an assortment of products.

The Creation of the Retail Podcast

I like to read boring things, like articles on how companies are doing, studies on spending habits, things like that.  I felt it was time to start a discussion about some of this and started the Arizona Moore YouTube channel.  I also found myself as part of the Dead Malls of Discord Family, where I can chat about retail often.  This all let to the creation of the Retail Podcast.

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